Lessons to be learned from Fraser high school report card

作者:admin 2020-05-24

An annual ranking of Ontario high schools shows 47 have made significant improvement in student results but another 73 are headed in the wrong direction.

The Fraser Institute’s 2020 Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools ranks schools based on the results of EQAO standardized student testing.

Individual schools score an overall grade between zero and 10 with an average across the province of 6 out of 10.

Peter Cowley, of the Centre for School Performance Studies with the Fraser Institute, said the information helps education professionals see clear patterns of improvement or decline or stagnation, and points out which schools are succeeding and worthy of being emulated.

“If you are one of the schools that are low and declining … it’s up to you the principal and you the teachers to say what are we going to do with this information,” Cowley told the Toronto Sun. “Tools require a tradesperson. A hammer all by itself isn’t worth anything unless somebody picks it up and bangs in a nail.”

“It’s the same with this data. It sits here, waiting for you. You can have it for free,” he added.

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