FRASER REPORT: T.O. schools among province’s fastest improvers

作者:admin 2020-05-24

Two Toronto high schools are among Ontario’s fastest improvers in this year’s Fraser Institute report card — one English, the other French.

The first, Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, began with a 3.9 out of 10 in 2015, but over the last five years has improved to 5.6 in 2019. The school, located near Danforth and Greenwood Aves., merged students from nearby Greenwood Secondary School when that school’s location closed four years ago.

“It’s 220 students and newcomers to Canada, so it’s adding another dimension to our building,” said Rob MacKinnon, principal of both schools, adding that Danforth students help Greenwood kids with English as a second language.

The school runs a math clinic for all grades, four days a week during lunch time and in the afternoons. To prepare for the Grade 9 EQAO standardized math test, the school’s head of math runs evening sessions for parents focused on writing the test, so they can better support their child.

Last year, MacKinnon hired more support teachers — focused on the “collegiality” of information sharing with each other — who would work with students on areas where they had with learning gaps in smaller group settings.

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