BRAUN: What if they declared a pandemic and no one noticed?

作者:admin 2020-05-24

There was another global pandemic in 1968 — but somehow nobody noticed.

The Hong Kong ‘flu, as it was known, moved through the world for about three years killing a million people — including 4,000 in Canada and 100,000 in the United States. It also hit Europe hard.

Soldiers returning to America from service in Vietnam brought the Hong Kong ‘flu home with them. By Christmas of 1968, it was everywhere in the U.S.

Other than a few schools, nothing shut down, and the ‘flu itself is barely a footnote in history.

In fact, as a recent NY Post article points out, Woodstock took place in the U.S. between waves of the pandemic. Nobody seemed overly concerned about 300,000 people in close quarters in a muddy farmer’s field in upstate New York.

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